Buy your wines directly atthe vineyard

Chosing to buy your wine directly at the vineyard has several advantages and offers a truly unique consumption experience coupled with an educational meeting.

Buy wine differently thanks to wine tourism

Visit and tasting

Parcelle de vignes au chateau La Rose Perriere


Wine tourism has been booming for several years now, it has become an essential component of gastronomy tourism. It is intimately linked to the identity of a destination, of a region. It is obvious that visiting France and its regions cannot be considered without discovering local gastronomy. Discovering and tasting culinary specialties and wines from different French wine regions has become a tourist experience in its own right as the offer has developed.

Buying wine directly from the winemaker gives you the opportunity to discover the vineyard, its history and its traditions through a guided tour often combined with a tasting of the different wines produced at the vineyard. You'll be told about the production techniques and the characteristics of the terroir which reveal the character of each of the wines. You will no longer taste wine the same way…



Chambres d hotes au chateau La Rose Perriere

Why not take advantage of a tasting and a visit to the vineyard to take the time for a real local wine getaway? Experience living in a vineyard for a weekend or a short stay. At Château La Rose Perrière, we offer three rooms equipped with every comfort, one of which (the La Perrière room) is accessible to people with reduced mobility. Close to our haven of peace, you can visit the beautiful Saint-Emilion and enjoy the activities and visits of all of the greater Saint-Emilionnais and the Grand Libournais.

Chambre Perriere au chateau La Rose Perriere
salle de bain vue sur les vignes chambre grandes versannes chateau la rose perriere
bureau chambre rose perriere chateau la rose perriere

Taste your wine before buying it and benefit from advice

degustation accord mets et vins - La Rose Perriere blanc et rouge - charcuterie et fromage

Another advantage of purchasing wines directly from producers: the possibility of tasting the wines before purchasing them. The producer will be keen to explain to you the winemaking process which gives their wines their character and will be a source of recommendations for pairing their wines with dishes which will highlight them. His advice will be particularly appreciated if you are considering purchasing wines for a reception such as a wedding or baptism. The winemaker is obviously the best ambassador of his wines, the qualities and complexities of which he knows perfectly.

At Château La Rose Perrière, Thomas and Bruno, the most fervent ambassadors of our wines, will be able to accompany you in the tasting and advise you. Don’t hesitate to ask them your questions!

Bruno à gauche et Thomas à droite dans le chai du Château La Rose Perriere

Discover new wines

Coming directly to the vineyard is an opportunity to discover the new vintages offered for sale and to be able to check their traceability (Production, processing, distribution). Sometimes even purchasing wines directly from the property allows you to discover more confidential cuvées produced in small quantities that you would not be able to find at a retailer.


Reduce your carbon footprint

If, just like us, you are sensitive to the environmental cause, you will significantly reduce the ecological impact of distribution by purchasing directly from wine producers. In fact, the bottles will travel from the producer directly to you, whether collected directly from the property or delivered by carrier via the order on the vineyard website. The journey of wine bottles will thus be reduced to a minimum as will the ecological cost of delivery.

As you will have understood, purchasing directly from wine producers has many advantages, for the producer, the consumer and for the environment.