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Wine cellar: our advice for storing your bottles


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Agroforestry, a practice in favor of the environment


Agroforestry, a practice gradually brought back into fashion. Do you know the benefits, particularly for viticulture?

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A menu coming from the South-West of France


The South West of France is a rich wine-growing but also culinary terroir . Discover this 100% South-West menu suggestion and our food and wine pairings!

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The essential glass bottle


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La Jurade de Saint-Emilion: a tradition looking to the future


One of the oldest wine brotherhoods in the world finds its raison d'être at the heart of more than 2000 years of history between men and the vine: the Jurade of Saint-Emilion.

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Seminar in Saint-Émilion: organize it at Château La Rose Perrière


Are you looking for a venue for your professional meetings and team-building activities? Have you ever considered the calm setting of a vineyard?

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The art of wine tasting


Are you a wine lover? Do you know the art of tasting? Follow our guide and advice for a successful wine tasting.

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Wine producer: direct purchase from the vineyard


What if you bought your wine directly from the producer? We tell you some of the advantages...

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Discovering the main stages of wine making


After the work in the vineyards, magic will operate in the cellar: you will know everything about vinification and wine ageing.

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What are the main steps to mak a wine?


Have you ever wondered about the process of making wine, this precious nectar that adorns tables around the world? Follow the guide, we reveal each of the essential steps in the production of this exceptional beverage...

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Everything you need to know about the HVE label and sustainable viticulture


H.V.E…Three letters which seem to hide a secret. This acronym may seem obscure, however, this is a certification which highlights production processes with virtuous agricultural operations that minimize the pressure on the environment on a daily basis, whether in terms of soil, water or even of biodiversity. This is a valuable mention, provided for by the French Rural and Maritime Fishing Code, in the same way as “mountain product” or even “farm product”.

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