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Three travel destinations every wine lover should visit


The summer holidays are fast approaching. Are you looking for a holiday destination? How about combining the discovery of a country with that of a wine-producing region and its wines?

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Wine terroir: a capital that shapes the aromatic profile of wines.


If you love wine and are interested in oenology, terroir is a concept you will come across often. Find out more about this concept and why it is an essential part of viticulture.

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Cabernet franc : ID


A popular red grape variety originating in the Bordeaux region, Cabernet Franc has enjoyed success far beyond the borders of France. Here's a look at a grape variety that has won over many wine-growing regions around the world.

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Father's Day: our gift ideas for wine lovers.


June is the month to honour fathers, whose day will be celebrated on Sunday 16th June. Discover our gift ideas, to suit all budgets, that are sure to delight all wine-loving dads.

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Vine cycle: budburst


It's springtime and nature is awake, especially our vines. What changes are taking place in the vine cycle with the arrival of good weather?

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A menu without cutlery... and without fuss!


Try our finger food menu to match our wines....A menu focused on the pleasure of the senses.

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Wine vintage: a key concept for wine


Vintage: what lies behind this essential concept in wine? What characterises it? We tell you all about it...

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Sauvignon Blanc: the star grape of the Bordeaux white wine introduces itself.


Are you familiar with Sauvignon Blanc, the grape variety that has made the wines of Bordeaux and many other wine-growing regions around the world famous? Let us introduce you....

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Vin et alcool : les dessous de l'équation


Where does the alcohol in wine come from? Why have wines tended to have a higher alcohol content in recent years? Can winemakers control the alcohol content of their wine during vinification? We asked ourselves what lies behind the wine-alcohol equation...

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Art and wine: an age-old alliance


What is the close link between wine and art? Discover the symbolism of wine in art through the ages and in different artistic expressions.

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The vine cycle : pruning


It's winter, the vines are dormant and everything seems to be at a standstill. And yet, in the vineyards, the winegrower is still hard at work. Taking care of the vines is a constant task, all year round. His current task? Pruning, which is crucial to the health of the vines and the quality of future production. Find out the reasons why....

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Natural, organic and biodynamic wines: characteristics and specific features of winegrowing


Organic, biodynamic and natural wines....can you tell the difference between these new wines on your wine merchant's shelves? Find out what's special about each of these wines and what sets them apart.

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