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Sauvignon Blanc: the star grape of the Bordeaux white wine introduces itself.


Are you familiar with Sauvignon Blanc, the grape variety that has made the wines of Bordeaux and many other wine-growing regions around the world famous? Let us introduce you....

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Vin et alcool : les dessous de l'équation


Where does the alcohol in wine come from? Why have wines tended to have a higher alcohol content in recent years? Can winemakers control the alcohol content of their wine during vinification? We asked ourselves what lies behind the wine-alcohol equation...

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Art and wine: an age-old alliance


What is the close link between wine and art? Discover the symbolism of wine in art through the ages and in different artistic expressions.

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The vine cycle : pruning


It's winter, the vines are dormant and everything seems to be at a standstill. And yet, in the vineyards, the winegrower is still hard at work. Taking care of the vines is a constant task, all year round. His current task? Pruning, which is crucial to the health of the vines and the quality of future production. Find out the reasons why....

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Natural, organic and biodynamic wines: characteristics and specific features of winegrowing


Organic, biodynamic and natural wines....can you tell the difference between these new wines on your wine merchant's shelves? Find out what's special about each of these wines and what sets them apart.

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How do you tell the difference between wines for ageing and ready-to-drink wines?


How can you identify and distinguish between a wine for ageing and one to be enjoyed quickly? Here are some answers to help you when buying a bottle of wine.

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Behind the scenes of South African viticulture


As we await the 2023 vintage of our Kroonpoort white wine, we'd like to take you on a tour of South African viticulture to understand its origins and specific characteristics.

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The sea at your table !


A 100% seafood menu featuring fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Discover our food and wine pairings for a meal rich in omega-3s, vitamins, flavours and aromas!

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Bordeaux grape varieties: their encounter with terroirs and age-old know-how.


On the wine planet, the vineyards of Bordeaux have nothing left to prove. Here's an overview of Bordeaux's red and white grape varieties, whose blends delight wine lovers beyond the French borders.

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Does the choice of barrel influence the identity of the wine?


Does wine develop a different aromatic identity when vinified and/or aged in oak barrels? We took a closer look.

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Behind the scenes of honey production


This year's beekeeping season at Château La Rose Perrière was a productive one, and our second honey harvest is a rich one. The 2023 vintage offers two varieties of honey: all-flower honey and acacia honey. Our hard-working bees, assisted by our beekeeper, worked for months to bring us this golden nectar. We wanted to pay tribute to them by taking you behind the scenes of honey-making. A know-how dating back over 2,000 years !

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The vine cycle in winter: dormancy


The harvest is over, autumn delights us for a while with its flamboyant colors. In the vineyard, time seems to slow down and the vegetation pauses. What exactly is happening there? What missions will the winegrower have to fulfill during the long winter months to ensure the quality of the next harvest?

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