Father's Day: our gift ideas for wine lovers.

As Father's Day approaches, you may be running out of gift ideas. How can you please a father who has no particular needs or desires? How can you give him a meaningful gift? The obvious thing to do is to look at his passions, hobbies and leisure activities for inspiration for a fun gift. If he's a wine lover, we invite you take a look at our suggestions for must-have wine gifts, to suit all budgets!


A bottle opener or corkscrew

Tire-bouchon électrique et sommeliers

Lever, screw, blade, air, electric, sommelier or limonadier, corkscrews or bottle openers come in a wide range of models to suit all budgets. It's important to take certain criteria into account when choosing a bottle opener, such as the type of cork you're used to opening (cork, plastic, etc.), your father's personal preferences in terms of design and functionality, and your budget. As much as possible, opt for a top-quality corkscrew for greater durability and efficiency in opening bottles. Another essential criterion in your choice will be ease of use: make sure the corkscrew is easy to use and easy to handle. Finally, set a budget based on your needs and how often you'll be using the corkscrew.


A box of La Rose Perrière wines

Coffret dégustation de vins Château La Rose Perriere

Offering wine to a wine lover is a sure thing. But there are two opposing trends: offer a wine that's already been tasted and loved, or get off the beaten track and dare to try something new to surprise your dad's palate.

Our online shop alone is an invitation to surprise, as it allows you to mix and match boxes content as much as you want ! Offer the gift of a tasting box to discover La Rose Perrière range of wines or offer an intense red experience with a mix of our four red wines. We suggest gift sets that have already been created and designed for you, but we also leave you free to create your own tailor-made gift set to suit the oenophile profile of every dad.

A lovely decanter

une carafe à décanter avec un verre de vin et un sommelier

Especially designed to aerate and oxygenate a wine before serving, the decanter separates the wine from the sediment in the bottle, releasing its aromas and softening its tannins. This glass or crystal container generally has a wide neck to help aerate the wine when pouring.

At first glance, choosing a decanter may seem like an easy task. However, the choice depends on a number of criteria, such as the type of wine you wish to decant, your aesthetic preferences and your practical needs. Here are a few tips to help you choose the decanter that's right for your dad :

  • The type of wine: White wines can be decanted just as well as red wines, although fewer of them need it. Some decanters are designed specifically for decanting red wines, while others are better suited to white or rosé wines. Make sure you choose the right decanter for the type of wine you plan to decant. Decanting can help reveal any masked aromas.
  • Decanter material: Decanters can be made of glass, crystal or synthetic materials. Glass and crystal are generally preferred for their transparency and elegance, but decanters made from synthetic materials can be more resistant and affordable.
  • The shape of the decanter: this can have an impact on the wine's decanting process. Wide-necked decanters are ideal for young wines that need to be oxygenated quickly, while narrow-necked decanters are better suited to older wines that need to be gently oxygenated.
  • Decanter capacity: choose a decanter with a capacity that matches the quantity of wine you intend to decant. A decanter that is too small may not allow sufficient oxygenation of the wine, while one that is too large may be bulky and therefore difficult to handle and store.
  • Easy care: make sure the carafe you choose is easy to clean, preferably dishwasher-safe for convenient maintenance.

Finally, don't forget to choose a decanter that suits your personal tastes so that you can fully enjoy the wine-tasting experience.

A set of wine tasting glasses

Cinq verres de dégustation de vin de tailles et de formes différentes



There are tasting boxes containing glasses specially designed for tasting wines: Bordeaux glasses, Riesling glasses, Chardonnay glasses, Pinot noir glasses, etc. Each type of wine has its own glass, with a specific shape to bring out the aromas and a dedicated, often small, size. The boxes can contain several tasting glasses of different types, so that the user can compare different wines and fully appreciate their characteristics. These boxes are often used by wine or spirits enthusiasts to organise tastings at home. If your father likes to taste a wide variety of wines, he'll enjoy getting out these glasses, which are adapted to each of his wines.


A book on the art of wine tasting

Wine tasting is an art that can be learned. To help you appreciate and recognise the different flavours in a wine, you'll find dedicated books in all good bookshops: tips, sommeliers' tasting vocabulary, storage and tasting advice, lists of aromas, etc. These books are real guides for wine lovers who want to be taken step by step through the wine-tasting process.

A gift card for a visit to a cellar or an oenology course to learn more about wine. 

You'll find many players in the wine sector offering gift cards for wine courses or wineries and cellars guided tours followed by wine tasting. Most vineyards are happy to open their cellars and wineries, and have developed a range of tours and workshops for wine lovers.

Visite exclusive du Château La Rose Perriere : bouteille de la Cuvée Collection devant une barrique Collection

At Château La Rose Perrière, we offer immersive wine blending workshops every month, as well as tastings of our wines after a tour of the vineyard. We also offer exclusive ‘barrel to wine’ tours, including a look at the barrel-making process at the Sylvain cooperage, followed by a tour of the vineyard and a tasting of our wines, including our very special cuvée La Collection.


A subscription to a wine club or box

Subscriptions, like Boxes, are an excellent way of extending the pleasure of giving over several months or even a whole year. Offer the pleasure of receiving a selection of quality bottles of wine every month. Beyond the surprise of discovering the selection, these subscriptions are an opportunity to discover new wine-growing regions, new appellations and new grape varieties, and to gradually enrich your wine cellar.


A sommelier kit

Useful and essential for any self-respecting wine consumer, sommelier kits generally include a corkscrew, an anti-drip collar, a conservation stopper and a wine thermometer. These kits can often be customised with other wine accessories such as a wine pump. Choose the accessories that will enhance your father's wine-tasting moments.


A tasting box of wines from around the world

Globe terrestre entouré de bouchons de liège


Take a wine tour around the world with world wine tasting boxes. They invite you to discover a range of red and white wines designed to take you on a tasting tour off the beaten track. Made up of bottles of wine from different wine-growing regions around the world, these boxes are often designed to allow wine lovers to discover a variety of wines from different countries and regions, and to compare the grape varieties, flavours, aromas and characteristics of each. They can also be offered as part of tasting experiences organised by wine professionals, to provide a sensory and educational experience for participants.

An ageing wine cellar

Cave à vins vitrine du Chateau La Rose Perriere

Does your father love wine and want to own a wine cellar? To help him keep his bottles of wine, especially older bottles, in the best possible conditions, you could offer him an ageing wine cellar. It maintains the optimum temperature and humidity for preserving and maturing the wine. Equipped with an electric cooling system that enables you to precisely control the temperature inside, it comes in different models, free-standing or built-in to blend in with your furniture, with variable storage capacities and optional extras such as anti-UV filters, sliding shelves, glass doors, a lock, etc.

Some are multi-functional because, as well as ageing wines, they also provide bottles of wine at serving temperature for tasting.

Expect to pay around €200 for the first models containing 6 to 8 bottles.


Have you found your Father's Day gift idea among our suggestions? Don't forget that the most important thing is to choose a gift that matches your dad's personality and tastes, to show him how much you appreciate him. The pleasure of giving... and the joy of receiving!